Community Service

We’re a local business doing the best we can to help people who need it.

This is not a corporate responsibility page, and we’re not here to pat ourselves on the back about anything. We just want you to join us, so take a look at what we do in Fort Worth and send us a message if you’d like to get going.

Trinity River Water District

Let’s get the trash out of our river.

Join us on the banks of the Trinity if you like to volunteer hard. That means getting after it, getting sweaty, and possibly losing a shoe.

He or she who collects the largest or strangest piece of trash wins. No trophy. Just pride.

Texas Wesleyan School of Business Administration

Every agency that knows how to put a strong message on paper should be working with educators.

Here’s the situation: Tommy Lee was invited to join the advisory board, and, of course, he accepted.

Texas Wesleyan is thinking big, but if we want big ideas to reach the public, we have to cut through the noise with sharp, snappy, well-sourced, and newsworthy communication that gets people to pay attention and join the effort.

We’re good at that stuff. Maybe you can help us.

Tarrant County Food Bank

Moving food for families in need.

Who’s getting meals to single mothers working two jobs who still can’t keep food on the table? That’s the Food Bank.

These folk work hard, and we’re a little hardcore when it comes time to volunteer. More boxes shipped, more families fed.

Come get sweaty with us.

Union Gospel Mission

Get in the kitchen, serve hot meals, and get our neighbors back on their feet.

“Good, generous, hard-working people” is a good way to describe:

  1. The people who run Union Gospel Mission.
  2. The men, women, and families who come in every day for a meal and a break from the heat.

Hard-working people fall on hard times. It happens. A check is great, but the Mission needs hands-on help. We work on the line, serving 300 meals twice a month. If you want to get on the line with us, get in contact with us.

Heart Journey Local Music Foundation

We’d better keep real Texas country music alive. It’s the soul we’re talking about.

Heart Journey Local Music Foundation is a non-profit that raises a lot of money to get the best country players in town into the studio and making records.

We built the website and handle the branding assets. Essentially, we’re on call.

Divi DFW

Let’s pass on the tools, techniques, and tricks of the trade so more Fort Worth people can work for themselves.

Divi is a website builder, and we’ve been using it for nine years. As official Elegant Themes co-organizers, Newlee meets once a month with entrepreneurs and small business owners from Fort Worth and all over the world.

The mega-companies are firing. Small businesses are hiring. Divi DFW is about open, constructive, and time-saving knowledge sharing. What if you could save an entrepreneur two months of work with a single, simple, technical solution?

That’s a good deal. If you want to learn or even start your own group, we’ll show you how.

Let’s get lunch.

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