Q3 Spotlight: Trinity Stone Construction


Trinity Stone Construction


Solar Installation & Construction


Trinity Stone Construction is a “do-it-all” construction company specializing in everything from solar installation and sales to home remodeling.

Website Creation

Be the company that people trust.

Solar is everywhere, and it feels like a scam. (Just search “Solar installation,” and you’ll see.)

How do you sell to skeptical customers? Go local. Be accessible. Talk about the value of solar in plain English and do it in a way that respects the customer’s intelligence.



Increase in conversions in two months.

Brand Building

Look like a big deal, and you’ll be a big deal.

Let’s talk about movies—stay with me. It’s easy for anyone to tell the difference between a big-budget movie and a cell phone video. That’s because we all know what polished movies look like. We also know what polished businesses look like. 

The only solution for businesses is to build a library of brand assets that match Coca-Cola, period. We have an extraordinary designer. He makes our clients look like a big deal because, like a director, he knows how to create what is instantly recognizable as a big deal.


New partnership with a larger firm three months after brand redesign.

Business Development

Find out what’s making money and take advantage fast.

Trinity Stone Construction is a growth-stage business, and priorities change for growing businesses. That’s no problem. Bring us a new offering, change your current offering, or make some adjustments. 

Tommy meets with you, brings the business issue to me, and we put together deliverables as fast as the opportunity presents itself.



Increase in outdoor living and remodeling projects within three months.

Hear from the client

“I understand why Newlee came so highly recommended. I’ve never had such super-serving from a vendor in my entire life.”

Carlos M., Owner

Trinity Stone Construction

Let’s get lunch.

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