Display Advertising on Amazon Just Got Better

Amazon just announced a new level of customization for their Sponsored Display ads, and it’s a definite value-add for those that advertise through the e-commerce giant.

The new options allow advertisers to add headlines and brand logo images alongside their Sponsored Display ads. Campaigns then undergo a review process and can go live when they receive approval.

In the announcement, Senior Product Manager Issei Suzuki wrote that the change will allow people to “create more engaging ad creatives to convey [their] brand message.”

What Are Sponsored Display Ads? 

Sponsored Display is designed to be a fast and easy method to reach shoppers. Keywords, for example, aren’t needed. These new features add a bit more complexity to the process, while still keeping things fairly simple. 

Customized Sponsored Display ads can appear on Amazon’s site on product description pages, customer reviews, shopping results pages, or under the Featured Offer.

Previously, Sponsored Display ads lacked any customization options. They were automatically generated and included an image of the product, price, and a “Shop Now” button that linked back to the product detail page. While users aren’t required to add a logo or headline, there’s really no reason not to.

Several campaign metrics are available, whether your ads are customized or not. These include ACOS (advertising cost of sale), orders, detail page views, and glance views.

There Are Some Limitations

For most Sponsored Display ads, you have three targeting options, all of which are CPC (cost-per-click):

  • Views – target audiences who have viewed the details page of your product and similar products over the last 30 days but not made a purchase. 
  • Product – target audiences who are actively browsing your product and similar products and categories.
  • Interest – target audiences who, based on their shopping behavior over the last 90 days, have signaled they may be interested in products like yours. 

Currently, if you choose to customize your Sponsored Display Ad with a headline and logo, only product targeting is available. Product targeting is fairly new to Amazon: it rolled out this past April. It’s available to vendors and sellers enrolled in Brand Registry.

Now Is a Good Time to Invest in Display Advertising

The addition of logos and custom headlines should make it easier for your Sponsored Display ads to engage with shoppers. They’ll also help you build your brand. That’s more important than ever with the holidays approaching and COVID-19 shaping the way people shop. More people will be shopping online this year, and more will be shopping from small businesses. It’s a great time to get your logo out there and drive people to your product pages.