The Latest WordPress Update Can Help You Upgrade Your Site

The new WordPress update, 5.8 is out, and it’s got some features that improve ease of use and aesthetics. Users should take advantage. This version of WordPress makes it easy to create a clean, attractive site. 

Whether you’re looking to make an overhaul or just a few simple tweaks, it’s a good idea to take a close look at the changes.

Any WordPress update is big news, since the platform powers almost 40% of the internet. But 5.8 is particularly notable for all of its updates with blocks, 

What’s New in WordPress 5.8

WordPress 5.8 emphasizes a block editor called Gutenberg. The latest version of Gutenberg comes bundled with the WordPress update. 

While blocks were previously featured piecemeal, WordPress 5.8 more fully integrates them. New blocks include:

  • Page listings
  • Site titles
  • Site logos

5.8 contains a new feature called the template editor, which allows users to create custom templates using blocks. Template editor is a step toward Full Site Editor, which we’ll get into down below.

Another new feature, the blocks-based widget editor, gives users even more control over the look of their site. In a recently released article, WordPress explained how to use the blocks-based widget editor. By using a custom HTML block, for example, users can display a different message depending on the time of day. That would be useful for a store that wants to accurately reflect their open hours.

The new WordPress is aimed at getting closer to What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG). That makes for a more intuitive UX and is good for people who aren’t as tech savvy. 

Other Changes in this Update Push WordPress Forward

While Gutenberg Blocks are getting most of the focus, there are plenty of other changes worth noting.

Full Site Editing 

Users have been hoping for Full Site Editing (FSE) for a while. In WordPress 5.8, it’s not completely there, but elements of FSE are present as a work in progress and will hopefully pave the way for full integration at some point in the future.

With FSE, you’ll be able to build an entire site using blocks. We’re not there yet, but many features from FSE have made their way into 5.8.

WordPress No Longer Supports Internet Explorer 11

This change shouldn’t affect too many people, since the 7-year-old browser is used by less than 1% of internet users, and plenty of other websites already stopped supporting IE. But holdouts who rely on the browser to access WordPress will need to make a change.

Businesses Should Take Advantage of the WordPress Update 

It’s generally recommended that businesses update their site every two or three years. That time frame is generally how long it takes for a site to go from looking modern to out of style, although it will change depending on the industry.

The fact is, UX Design matters. Even the smallest change, like the shape of a button, can have a big impact on business.
If it’s been a while since your last update, it may be a good idea to take advantage of WordPress 5.8 and revamp your site. Check out the WordPress site for a detailed guide to using the new version.